Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance and Access Control

Axtel Consulting provides seamlessly integrated electronic security and video surveillance systems to keep your organization, people, and assets safe. 

Axtel Consulting has partnered with many reputable video surveillance and access control manufactures worldwide.  We give our clients the best fitting solution with responsive support by leveraging our thoroughly vetted portfolio.

Video surveillance and access control are a vital part of the security infrastructure in any business, especially those that have high value assets. They provide you with the ability to monitor your property, employees and customers in real time. At Axtel Consulting, we can show you how video surveillance can help protect your business from crime and improve productivity.

Axtel Consulting helps you to determine what type of video surveillance solution you need. There are many different types available with varying degrees of flexibility and cost involved. Our popular systems allow you to add cameras as they become necessary rather than requiring you to purchase all cameras at once.  We have routinely added cameras to a system as the customer expands and grows. 

With reliable video surveillance, you can keep an eye on everything from anywhere.

Let the Axtel Consulting video surveillance systems help you keep an eye on everything from anywhere. Our products are also useful for keeping track of what happened in the past and what might happen in the future—and they're great for looking at large areas where people move around freely without being noticed by others. Whether you're at home or in the office, our video surveillance systems and access control gives you the power to see what's going on at any given moment.

Save money

Here at Axtel Consulting we believe that one of the most important benefits of video surveillance is that it can be managed from anywhere. This means you don't have to have someone physically present in the office or home in order for them to see what's happening on camera. Instead, you can monitor the security cameras from your phone or tablet and instantly check if there are any issues with their ability to see into the building.

Another benefit is that access control management becomes much easier when using video surveillance cameras. You no longer need someone physically present to monitor where and when each person accesses a room or building. The access can be given remotely by a designated person or the user can be give a specifically assigned fob to use which identifies them.

Real-time viewing

Real-time viewing is a great feature for businesses that want to keep an eye on their cameras. You can view your cameras from anywhere in the world and watch them as they occur, without having to be there in person.

You can also use real-time viewing for specific times or events: for example, if you want to keep an eye on your front door at night or when there are guests coming into the office building after hours, but don’t want anyone going in or out without supervision. Or maybe you’re selling products online and want everyone who buys something from your site sent an email with tracking information so they know where their package is (and how much longer it’ll take). Real-time viewing gives companies control over exactly when they need access based on what’s happening right now at specific sites within their networks

Camera views

There are a variety of camera types, and it's important to choose the right one for your needs. When choosing a camera, you'll need to consider things like its resolution and frame rate (the amount of frames per second). You should also consider if it has any special features like night vision or IR illumination levels. Popular models are Dome-style, Fisheye and Bullet.

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