Do Your Telecom & IT Costs Dominate Your Business Expenses? 

Did you also know that 85% of Businesses are being Overcharged?

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Now More than Ever, Businesses Need Cost Savings, and FAST!

Everyone knows that IT and Telecommunication networks are complicated, but so are their bills. With more and more companies moving their IT and Services to the Cloud, monthly and yearly expenses have tripled for businesses. The bills and contracts for these services are not only hard to understand but are being auto-renewed without any consent from the business owners. 

Here at Axtel Consulting we offer a FREE No Obligation IT and Telecom Audit!

A full IT and Telecom audit can help reduce fees for unused services and validate telecom usage for a company. Most companies do not have the time or resources to audit their telephone, data and internet invoices. We will look for billing errors, incorrect taxes, unused services that can be eliminated and review inventory for network improvements. 

Stop Overspending and start Securing Savings

Zero Cost, Risk Free Audit

Our risk-free technology audit: We take a comprehensive look at all your telecommunications and technology infrastructure and the expense it incurs. We inspect your bills closely, deploy a technician to your site for a full inventory of your equipment and services and then send a comprehensive report. 

Most of our audits find on average a 30% reduction in costs. If no cost savings are found, we charge you NOTHING. 


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U.S. businesses waste over $38 billion per year, mostly due to telecom company errors

Today, telecom and IT services are often the third largest expense for companies after payroll and property.

Up to 85% of company telecom bills are paid in full and never audited by the organization.


Random bill increases

Unauthorized charges or unnecessary fees

Network design errors and inefficiencies

Contract expirations or unauthorized renewals

Inflated provider quotes

Unused devices or services