Connectivity & Carrier Services

Axtel Consulting has partnered with many reputable VoIP providers within the US as well as worldwide. We give our clients the best fitting solutions with, the best support by leveraging our thoroughly vetted portfolio.

Represented Carriers

Connectivity & Carrier Services

Carrier services and connectivity, in simple terms, are proprietary infrastructure belonging to authorized telecommunication service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Altice, Spectrum and hundreds of others.

Carrier networks are responsible for distributing a huge amount of data over great distances and supplying the backbone of the internet and fiber optics. Internet services can be provided to businesses through fiber topics, coaxial cable, wireless and satellite.

Axtel Consulting is able to provide nationwide connectivity solutions to our client with the relationships that we have developed with national and international carriers. Weather it be simple broadband circuits, dark fiber or SD-Wan solutions, Axtel has the backing of the leading carriers.