Digital Sign

Technology has enabled us to connect and collaborate with others in a new way. Video meetings are now the preferred method of communication and collaboration among teams, peers and coworkers alike. Video meetings provide many benefits including increased productivity, improved decision-making ability, faster response times and more efficient management of projects from start to finish.

Who can benefit from Digital Signage?

  • Corporate Communications
  • Schools
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Churches
  • Hotels

How does it work? Simple.

  • Signup for a free Play account through Axtel Consulting.
  • Create your content.
  • Send to any screen. All from a web browser.
  • Play per screen per month, no contract.

Digital signage is a visual communication

Digital signage is a visual communication. It’s the way you communicate with your audience, customers and employees. Digital signage can also be used to communicate with patients and other individuals who are involved in your business.

The goal of digital signage is to make it easy for people to understand what you have to say about your product or service by using images, video clips, text or audio files (such as music) that are displayed on screens wherever they may be located: at home; in the workplace; at school; at church etc…

Digital signs and video walls for government

Public Safety

Digital signs can be used for public safety, such as emergency messages and updates on traffic conditions. They can also be used to display information about environmental hazards like smoke or hazardous materials.

Public Information

Digital signs could provide information about services and activities in your community, including upcoming events or campaigns you are running (which could encourage people to vote). This could help people find out what's happening around town so they know if it's worth coming back after getting their ballot in the mail!

Government Communications

Allow government agencies to communicate directly with citizens by displaying important messages such as Amber Alerts or evacuation orders during emergencies; they also make it easy for constituents who need help finding answers through social media platforms like Facebook Messenger rather than calling 911 themselves.