Premised Based Phone Systems

Axtel Consulting has partnered with many reputable VoIP providers within the US as well as worldwide. We give our clients the best fitting solutions with, the best support by leveraging our thoroughly vetted portfolio.

Systems that we support:

Premise Based Phone Systems

Many of the best business phone systems remain to be an on-premise PBX. The most appropriate choice depends just as much about cost and needs as it does about the way you get your current phone service.

On premise PBXs are the traditional way to go. They are a private phone system where all hardware and software is on premises, typically located in your business. Investing in an on-premise PBX system can be expensive upfront, but because you own it, you have full control of your phone system. An on-premise PBX may be right for your business if you have over 20 employees and can justify the expense.

This model offers businesses complete control over their telephone services and allows them to customize their systems as needed.

Some of the advantages of an on-premise PBX include:

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private network that allows users to talk to each other using different hardware components that provide connectivity to a telephone network. On-premise PBXs now offer similar capabilities that made hosted solutions famous. A PBX system manages, transfers, and customizes calling features for inbound and outbound calls.

At Axtel Consulting, we have over 20 years experience with on-prem business phone systems. Since we are a nationwide provider, we have technicians everywhere to service, upgrade and maintain your premise based PBX. We perform one time service calls, remote logins as well as offer yearly maintenance contracts to ensure 100% uptime for your business.