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Axtel Consulting has partnered with many reputable VoIP providers within the US as well as worldwide. We give our clients the best fitting solutions with, the best support by leveraging our thoroughly vetted portfolio. At its core, VoIP is a digital telephone service that users the internet for transport and delivery of communications. You can make and receive calls from your internet connection via handsets, as you would in most traditional office settings, or optionally via softphone or mobile applications.

(Contact Center As A Services)

CCaaS (Contact Center As a Service) is a new generation call center application that incorporates the latest in software integration, multi-channel customer communication and reporting. Companies can choose the best communication channel for their customer needs. Integrating systems such SMS, web chat, emails and social media interactions into a voice platform offers customers efficient and effective sales assistance.

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Since every business in unique, so are their communication need and Axtel understands that. Since we partner with over fifty different VoIP & UCaaS providers, we are able to consult with our clients to pair them with the best in service and support.

VoIP delivered as a cloud service has driven down costs for many businesses. The goal of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is not just to add new features to voice calling, but the elevate business communications beyond what we expect of traditional phone technology. UCaaS systems aim to integrate voice with the software your business relies upon most, creating multi-channel delivery systems that help drive productivity.

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