Video Conferencing

Technology has enabled us to connect and collaborate with others in a new way. Video meetings are now the preferred method of communication and collaboration among teams, peers and coworkers alike. Video meetings provide many benefits including increased productivity, improved decision-making ability, faster response times and more efficient management of projects from start to finish.


Video conferencing is an effective way to increase collaboration. According to research by Cisco, video conferencing helps people be more productive, collaborate more effectively and work more efficiently with colleagues.

In today’s global economy, where business operates 24/7/365 and people in different time zones must collaborate on projects, video conferencing is a major productivity boost for teams that are spread out geographically. It allows employees to meet face-to-face from anywhere at any time—allowing them to interact as if they were in the same room together.


Meetings are the cornerstone of effective collaboration. As your team grows, it’s important to make sure you have the tools you need to not just communicate but also collaborate with them in real time.

With video conferencing, you can:

  • Meet with your team regardless of where they are located. There is no need for long flights or expensive flights when employees and customers can meet face-to-face from anywhere in the world using video conference technology.
  • Connect with customers, partners and suppliers in real time. Your business won’t miss opportunities because someone couldn’t be there at that very moment. You can connect via video conference from virtually anywhere on earth!
  • Share content and collaborate with your team through live streaming capabilities including webcams so everyone has an opportunity to contribute ideas during meetings rather than waiting until afterwards when everyone is back at their desks before sharing their thoughts on how best to move forward together as a group moving forward into tomorrow’s future.”


Polycom offers a number of applications for your Polycom Videoconferencing System. These include:

  • Polycom RealPresence Group SeriesMC and Huddle Room software, which enables users to share content and collaborate in real-time;
  • Polycom RealPresence Web Conferencing, a cloud-based video conferencing system that allows anyone to connect with anyone; it’s easy to use and available on any device or operating system (OS), allowing you to meet anywhere at any time; and
  • Polycom Meetings Suite, an application suite designed specifically for business meetings with features such as Meeting Mode, Whiteboard Sharing, Presentation Mode, Video Zoom, Conference Call Recording/Playback, Blackboard/Whiteboard Sharing


  • Google Slides is a free web-based presentation program, with many of the same features as Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Google Drive allows you to store, sync, and collaborate on files across devices.
  • The Google Docs suite includes word processing programs like Sheets and Docs that are similar to Microsoft Word and Excel respectively.


If you are using a Polycom device, the following information applies to you:

  • Configuring settings on your endpoint device. The configuration method varies depending on the type of endpoint device being used. In most cases, setting up video calling is done by adding an account to an existing web browser or app with the peer’s username and password. For more information about how to set up calling for specific types of devices, please see our list of support articles in our Knowledge Base.
  • Connecting additional displays from your endpoint device if needed. To watch a call on multiple displays at once, you’ll need to connect each display individually over HDMI or other cable connection (if supported), using Polycom’s QuickConnect software available on Mac/Windows computers running ChromeOS™; this allows one computer screen to be mirrored onto multiple monitors simultaneously without having to use dedicated video output cards in video systems such as those found in classrooms or conference rooms where teachers can project content onto walls for large group viewing purposes.”

Video meetings from Poly & Yealink can help in your business.

Video conferencing is an effective way to communicate with colleagues and clients. It also helps you in sales, training and marketing, customer support, product demos and more.

Video conferencing can be used for virtual meetings where users do not need to be physically present at one location but can join the meeting remotely through a video connection on their devices or computers.

Video conferencing can also be used for webinars that are live online sessions where participants are able to watch presentations or participate in discussions with their peers while they read important notes displayed on their screens during the presentation time frame.

Video meetings can be a great way to get work done, but they’re not always perfect. You need to consider how long you want your meetings to go on for and what kind of technology you have in place before deciding whether using video is the right choice for your company. Video calls offer many benefits over traditional face-to-face conversations, such as increased collaboration and security—but these features might not be necessary for every business out there! If you think that implementing video in your workplace could make things run more smoothly, then we recommend taking advantage of our free trial offer today!

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