Your Customers Hate Calling You

A little harsh yes, but is it true? Yes. Customers hate calling businesses for a number of practical reasons including having to maneuver through complicated auto attendants, waiting on forever hold and having to speak with people who just aren’t solving their issues. And half the time they can’t even get anyone on the phone, period.

I am sure every one of us has been in this scenario where you need to place an order, your sales rep isn’t answering his phone or emails and you finally give up and call the next best vendor in line. I know I have and sadly on many occasions.

Companies will throw endless amounts of money into advertising their products, promoting their websites and investing in programs to attract new business. I am quite sure that these same businesses never look at how many clients they are retaining from their current databases and why in fact these customers are leaving so quickly.

Did you know that it costs five times or more to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one? Many business owners are forgetting that the first rule in business is to retain customers and build a loyal relationship with them. But these same business owners also think that the customer experience is a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention. Now I ask, why aren’t they investing in their customer’s experience when it is proven that if you retain only 5% of your customers, your profits will increase between 25% and 95%. Wow, now those are profits I would want to see!

Here are a few ways that all businesses can easily optimize their customer’s journey and get immediate profit results by doing so.

Answer Your Phone

I know this seems like a no brainer but people now a days simply do not answer their phones. Business owners see the dollar savings by using an auto attendant instead of hiring a live person to take calls. This is a huge mistake for a number of different reasons.

1-Customers are calling for a reason and for the most part they are looking to buy goods or services. It is human nature to want and get immediate satisfaction from receiving. The longer a client is hindered into getting what they want, the faster they will go somewhere else that has a quicker response time.

2-Customers are calling because they have a problem. If their problem isn’t solved immediately and by a qualified person then this leads to customer frustration and unhappiness. Very often unhappy customers do not complain, they just leave and go somewhere else. Or worse they start spreading negative word-of-mouth instead of complaining directly to you.

Get an Omnichannel Strategy

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the word omnichannel I will briefly give you the run down. Omni-Channel refers to the concept of providing a seamless user experience across all channels relevant to the buyer’s journey. Integrating multiple channels into your business such as web chat, SMS, voice, email, video, social media, chatbots and even mobile push notifications.

According to Google research, 90% of multiple device owners switch between an average of three per day to complete a task. It is time for businesses to gain a piece of the $1.8 trillion that cross-channel sales are predicted to reach this year.

Hire Passionate, Engaged Employees

Employers need to create an environment where their employees feel engaged and connected to their work. They need a reason to care about what they do and businesses need to clearly define their mission and set values. A strong brand ideal creates great customer service and interactions. Truly passionate workers are compelled to share that passion with their customers.

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